Education plays a pivotal role in the hairdressing industry. This is why during both days Hair Festival delivers a refreshing full program of education to you. On both days, Festival Education Sessions will provide a broad mix of stimulating classes, demonstrations and speakers offered by some of the industry’s leading, most innovating and forthcoming companies and personalities.

From business to creative, we recognise you may want to attend different types of education. Created by educators along with companies, there is a variety of education offerings. See the timetable below and for further information just scroll down.

Festival Education

Sessions Program

Festival Education Sessions Program

Session 1 9:15am – 10:15am
Bay 25 Timely – Why an inclusive salon is good for the world, and good
for your business
Mary Haddock-Staniland
Upper Elston Mezz ghd – Education collaboration with Rumbie Rumbie Mutsiwa (Rumbie&Co)
Elston Room James Fitzgerald – Developing a highly effective Digital Strategy 


 Session 2 10:45am – 11:45am
Upper Elston Mezz Dyson – Experience Dyson with Damian Rinaldo Damian Rinaldo (Boris the Cuttery)
Bay 25 Pivot Point – Unlock your Potential Sarah Conlon, Mikail Dasko and Vic Piccolotto
Elston Room Elite Education Mick Dwyer


 Session 3 12:15pm – 1:15pm
Upper Elston Mezz Excellent Edges – One Night Arvo Stand Pete Walstab, Jules Tognini, Tom White and Sam Overton
Elston Room Caitlyn Menzel Coaching – Topic TBC Caitlyn Menzel
Bay 25 Sustainable Salons – The Purpose-Driven Profit
Paul Frasca


 Session 4 1:45pm – 2:45pm
Bay 25 De Lorenzo – Master cutting
Ryan King, Laura Spinney and Angela Soong
Upper Elston Mezz TONI&GUY – Connected’, a celebration of hair and creative techniques suited to
the individuality and diversity of the Australian
Elston Room Piloroo – Helping solve our long standing labour shortage of assistants and apprentices within our industry


 Session 5 3:15pm – 4:15pm
Upper Elston Mezz La Biosthetique with Katy Reeves and Friends 
Katy Reeves
Bay 25 piiq Digital – Styling secrets unplugged Richard Kavanagh
Elston Room *Hair Festival Competition


 Session 6 4:45pm – 5:45pm
Upper Elston Mezz Seamless1 – Zero Visibility & Lights.Camera.Action! Sarah Emilia (SARAH JADE) & Matthew Jabbour (Hair Den)
Bay 25 AREA Academy – The Wonder Of Why Eoin McCarthy, Leigh Winsor and Daniel Fortino
Elston Room *Hair Festival Competition

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À la carte education sessions and classes offered by industry educators and companies showcasing their education portfolio. 

Choose any six classes for a discounted pass.

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Session Details


10:45AM – Upper Elston Mezz

Experience Dyson with Damian Rinaldo

Dyson solves real-world hair care problems like protecting natural shine and smoothness while preventing extreme heat damage, created state-of-the-art laboratories, and their professional hair dryers and straighteners help salon owners and stylists wherever their work takes them.

Influencer, director, and speaker Damien Rinaldo loves sharing his passion for hairdressing. He has won more than 60 IHS competitions and is a five-time Hair Expo Australian Hairdresser of the Year finalist. His award-winning salon, Boris the Cuttery, opened in 2012 and is armed with the unique ‘cool-ness’ of a fictional and uber-creative character called Boris. Damien’s… Read more

ghd & Rumbie

9:15AM – Upper Elston Mezz

ghd & Rumbie Education Collaboration

Join Rumbie and her team as they come together to celebrate the art of textured hair! Our brand new ghd Creative Artist & Texture Specialist will take you on an intellectual journey of all thing’s curls, waves and texture with live model demonstrations featuring multiple hair textures and ethnicities. Rumbie’s driving passion and purpose is to create a community that not only understands but truly celebrates curls.

Not to be missed, tickets will sell out fast!

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Rumbie… Read more


4:45PM – Upper Elston Mezz

Zero Visibility & Lights.Camera.Action!

In this session each of these two amazing Seamless1 artists will be doing a 30 minute session for you.

Sarah will educate on her technique for applying tape extensions seamlessly to the front areas of the head to ensure zero visibility when wearing out or tying up, using her favourite Seamless1 curling wand.

Matthew will take you through his famous “SHORT to LONG TRANSFORMATION”. Get up-close and personal with this national educator and ambassador, and experience a transformation like no other!

Read more


9:15AM – Bay 25

Why an inclusive salon is good for the world, and good for your business

Diverse, inclusive salons win more customers, retain them at higher rates, and make more money.

Bold claims, but Timely’s Senior Vice President of Culture & Inclusion, Mary Haddock-Staniland, is here to tell us why they’re all true. Join Mary and industry panelists, Garreth Lenagh and Kristina Russell, in a discussion that will help the hair and beauty industry become more accessible, more inclusive, and – ultimately – more successful.

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piiq Digital

3:15PM – Bay 25

Styling secrets unplugged

Learn the secrets to consistently creating award winning imagery; Understand what your clients see in an image, and how to interpret that; Translate your vision on camera effectively every time.

In this intimate 60 minute session, 5 x Australian Session Stylist of the Year, Richard Kavanagh will share salon friendly tips and tricks that you can use immediately to satisfy the fussiest of clients, as well as giving you insights into how to translate your creative vision, relay your message to a team, build a team, cut, colour and style hair for editorial, creating a collection and more…

More information

James Fitzgerald, SMK

9:15AM – Elston Room

Developing a highly effective Digital Strategy

Join SMK as it provides the blueprint for driving measurable results by harmonising and integrating organic earned, owned and paid media channels. Examining everything from paid and organic Social and Search, to Google My Business, Google Maps, Email and more.

James is Executive Director of Programming at SMK, a specialist learning and development organisation which exists to help businesses use social media, mobile and digital channels more effectively. SMK trains and educates more professionals on the subjects of social media, content marketing, online video and digital than any other organisation in the region.

Pivot Point

10:45AM – Bay 25

Unlock your Potential

At Pivot Point, we believe every hairdresser and barber has the potential to be fabulous.

Immerse yourself in the Pivot Point method and see how a systems approach can transform your work, increase your confidence and build your clientele.

In this Look & Learn seminar you will get up close and personal with our National Education Team, led by international educator Vic Piccolotto, as they step you though a series of creative looks and show you how to implement a systems approach that will allow you to grow as a creative artist.

Meet the speakers

Excellent Edges

12:15PM – Upper Elston Mezz

One Night Arvo Stand

Excellent Edges Ambassadors Jules Tognini, Tom White and Sam Overton along with Pete Walstab will take you through some pretty damn cool haircuts and show you why many is sometimes better than one.

And if you play your cards right, you may be able to take one home in a very casual, non-committal way. We are talking about scissors, not the boys sorry, but maybe you could just take Sam.

Elite Education 

10:45PM – Elston Room

Mick Dwyer 

Mick Dwyer is a hair industry veteran who has been in the industry for 34 years. He is a co-founder of Elite Hair Education and the author of the guide, “Pricing your Services” APP, Ebook & Online Learning. He is a well-known speaker and holds regular events and webinars to teach industry professionals and up-and-coming stylists about the business and pricing strategies of the industry.

La Biosthetique

3:15PM – Upper Elston Mezz 

with Katy Reeves and Friends 

Bringing together some of La Biosthetique’s Artistic team, la sèlection, is a showcase of creative cutting, colour and session styling ,with National Education Director Katy Reeve, hair colour specialist Kitty colourist and Sydney based session stylist Matthew Ashton. With LIVE demonstration, presentation models and secret formulas, see why La Biosthetique artistic team have that certain je ne sais quoi


4:45PM – Bay 25

The Wonder Of Why

At AREA Academy our mission is to challenge the conventional ways in which stylists think about & approach men’s haircutting. We want to help people in discovering an alternative belief system & perspective that will ultimately help them in realising their potential.

With this session we want to help attendees understand not only the “why” behind our thought process & cutting techniques, but also the “how” – in terms of staying both efficient & effective when working on the shop floor. This will be achieved through visual demonstration & in-depth explanation showcasing an array of the most modern men’s styles from each of our diverse team members.

Meet the speakers

Sustainable Salons

12:15PM – Bay 25

The Purpose-Driven Profit

From the rise of the eco-conscious consumer to the way we exchange money, the profit model has evolved leaving many of us in the dark about how to improve a stubborn bottom line. The Purpose-Driven Profit, hosted by Sustainable Salons Co-founder Paul Frasca, presents a line-up of leading commentators that will uncover why and how adopting ethical and circular economy practices, new transactional technology and community-mindedness can rocket your business to new heights.

Ignite your curiosity and leave with a generous helping of practical ideas on how you can get started down the path to feel-good profit.


1:45PM – Upper Elston Mezz

TONI&GUY present their 2021 global campaign ‘Connected’, which is a celebration of hair and creative techniques which are suited to the individuality and diversity of the Australian client.

TONI&GUY Australia invite you to join them as they present their 2021 global campaign ‘Connected’, which embodies three guiding principles delivered by TONI&GUY hairdressers to their client:

Health: how we look after our clients hair, leaving them feeling and looking good from the inside out.
Beauty: how we make our client feel good, from the right choices we make to personalise each… Read more

De Lorenzo

1:45PM – bay 25

Master Cutting

Master cutting with award winning cutting specialists Ryan King and Laura Spinney on stage together with Australia’s only Pixel colour Educator, Angela Soong.

Join us to experience edgy and exciting haircuts flavoured with Pixel colouring. The work you will see can be used for your own creative work or taken straight back to the salon for expanding your clients experience keeping them stimulated and excited about hair!

Meet the speakers


À la carte education sessions and classes offered by industry educators and companies showcasing their education portfolio. 

Choose any six classes for a discounted pass.

(price AUD, ex GST.)


Select your favourite session(s) in the registration steps to purchase Single-Session pass(es)

(price AUD, ex GST.)


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