Sponsors Hair Festival Live Competitions
O&M Founder, Jose Bryce Smith

“As a brand deeply rooted in creativity and innovation, we’re thrilled to sponsor the live hair competitions at Hair Festival 2024. These events are not just about showcasing talent; they’re about fostering a community of passionate hairdressers pushing boundaries and redefining industry standards. At O&M, we believe in supporting and celebrating the artistry that drives our industry forward, through transparent and open judging. We look forward to meeting all the competitors and crowning our winners, see you on the stage!”


We’re a band of rule-breakers and pioneers, committed to making the world a safer and more beautiful place – and having fun while we do it. O&M are the original pioneers of clean colour technology (CCT) and ammonia, PPD, resorcinol free haircare. We are creating a ‘clean luxury’ movement for the world, made, with love right here in Australia. O&M is made for Originals with original thinking and we’d love for you to join us!

Jose Bryce Smith

Jose Bryce Smith is the Founder of O&M and a clean beauty entrepreneur. Jose conceptualised O&M to eliminate harsh chemical products that were harming hairdressers and clients, replacing them with natural products, prioritising health and wellbeing.

Opening her first ammonia free salon in 2000, the Jose attracted a mass of like minded conscious customers that gave her the confidence to pursue the O&M clean beauty vision.

Jose is a firm believer that haircare is a health choice, she is passionate about changing the trajectory of the beauty industry, ensuring salons and clients alike have the healthiest haircare experience possible, without compromise.

In 2010, Jose launched O&M’s care and styling collections, along with the Free From Five formulation (sulphates, parabens, propylene glycol, MIT or Triclosan). In 2013 she created what chemists claimed was impossible, a permanent professional hair colour with zero ammonia, PPD or resorcinol.

Continuing to innovate, the brand created a revolutionary technology ‘CØR.color’, a colouring system that pre-links base and reflects colour pigments, allowing them to develop more effectively and evenly. This gives superior coverage while minimising the risk of scalp irritation.

“When I saw firsthand how harsh chemical products harm hairdressers and clients, I knew we could make a difference with O&M,” says Jose.

“The world is changing, and low-chemical and natural technology is leading the way. Our mission to provide the cleanest professional colour in the world led us to a progressive new colouring approach, Molecular Blend Technology.”

“The core of the brand is kind haircare and clean colour,” she concluded.

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