JOICO Trendscapes: Future Collection

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JOICO Trendscapes: Future Collection

Sunday 30 June 2024 | 3.15pm – 4.15pm
Room C2.3

Step into the now of hair artistry with ‘JOICO Trendscapes: Future Collection,’ where the pulse of fashion meets the future of hair. Join master stylists Carolyn Gahan, Joshua Congreve, and Mikelah-Jayde Riley as they reveal how 2024’s most standout trends from the worlds of fashion and popular culture are transforming into the must-have styles of today. This year, we’re focusing on the nostalgic yet redefined ‘90s style of #SoftGrunge, the captivating #CelestialGlow that brings a touch of the ethereal to everyday styles, and the daring #WeirdBeauty that celebrates bold, unique expressions of individuality.

In this session, you will learn how to…
  • Understand Trends: We’ve sifted through the noise to find the trends that really matter. Now, we’re breaking them down for you, showing why they’re relevant and how they connect with the client in your chair.
  • Color Techniques That Turn Heads: From subtle hues that whisper to bold shades that shout, discover how to use JOICO’s color palette to make these trends pop.
  • Cutting and Styling That Clients Love: Get practical tips on cutting and styling that make these trends work for everyday people, not just models.
  • Interactive Learning: This is about getting your hands dirty (figuratively speaking). Watch, learn, and ask questions as we demonstrate live on stage. It’s all about making it real and making it work in your salon.
This course is ideal for…

Stylists and salon owners who love staying a step ahead, who get excited about bringing something fresh and new to their clients. If you’re looking to update your services with the latest styles, keen on offering your clients something beyond “their usual”, or simply want to cement your status as a trend-savvy professional, ‘JOICO Trendscapes: Future Collection’ is where you belong. It’s about being the expert your clients trust, the one who brings the newest, most relevant hair experiences to the salon.

What’s Included
  • 1-hour workshop
  • Optional Q&A
Meet Your Educators

Carolyn Gahan | @carolynjayun

Joshua Congreve | @josh_congreve

Mikelah-Jayde Riley | @mikelah_jayde_studio

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