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Active Meditation Session by The Holistic Shift

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Active Meditation Session by The Holistic Shift

Monday July 1, 2024 | 8.35am – 9.30am
Parkside 2

Joining forces to stand for industry progression, we are calling in the holistic minded tribe of the hair world who sincerely wish to create a difference in our field, to come and experience The Holistic Shift.

Breathe, meditate, dance and discuss as we share the vision for the industry and how we can make change happen, together.

Meet Your Educator

Jake Putan | @whoisjakeputan

Jake Putan, an artist at heart, merged his creativity with a career in hair and began running education workshops for various brands around Australia. As time went on, he noticed himself being drawn closer and closer to sharing the things that felt more authentic to his heart and his vision of what he wanted to bring to the world. Connecting to his own personal gifts, he now shares with others how to stand out from the crowd, do the unconventional, and spread their message. Jake Putan brings innovation and impact to reimagine the future of business and leadership.

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