Endless Possibilities with Sarah Emilia

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Sunday 30 June 2024 | 9.00am – 10.00am
Parkside 2

During this one-hour session leading hair extension expert Sarah Emilia will take you through not only her signature tape extension application but also how she grew a 7 figure salon and social media platforms that reach over 1.4 million followers.

Learn how to layer in hair extensions for on-trend + Seamless blends.

In this session, you will learn how to…

Learn how to grow your hair extension clientele and business whilst your clients grow instant length.

What’s Included
  • Education seminar
  • Chance to meet and greet Sarah Emilia
Meet Your Educator

Sarah Emilia | @sarahemiliaofficial

A name well known in the local hairdressing scene, Sarah Emilia has seen a meteoric rise to Tik Tok and Instagram fame internationally, exploding onto the ‘Hair Influencer’ arena over the past 12 months. Coming a long way from cutting her friends’ hair in highschool out of her garage, to becoming the Co-owner and face of Sarah Jade Hair, a busy destination salon in Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach, which has created the foundation for Sarah Jade’s social success with its epic transformations and life-changing extension results, Sarah Jade found her passion in creating each woman that sat in her chair’s ideal vision of themselves. Sarah says “My aim is to provide a safe space to all women in particular the younger generation and figure out what the transformation means to them. I like to dive deep and uncover the emotion behind the desired change and tap into that to create an experience tailored to them” But a successful salon was not quite enough for this entrepreneurial spirit, branching out to create her own line of Haircare, focussed on extension care and safe extension styling, a gap in the market all “extensionistas” have struggled with here in Australia.

From here Sarah Emilia was quickly snapped up for her unique way of presenting herself on socials, being approached to become an ambassador for brands such as GHD, Ape the label, Seamless1 and former 2x Digital Influencer of the year Natalie Anne’s own brand, Natalie Anne Haircare.

Wanting to inspire other salon professionals and content creators like herself to build their own personal brands, Sarah Emilia created her highly successful education series “Show Up On Socials” geared towards assisting others to build confidence within themselves as not only a stylist, but also an authority within their specific niche of content creation. Sarah found that one of the main roadblocks to other creators finding success themselves on socials was a lack of knowledge of the tools available to gain traction and then how to implement them effectively and authentically. Her inspiration? Her audience! Sarah Emilia is a huge advocate for hands-on community management, closely and personally interacting with her audience to let them lead her in the type of content they want to see curated across her page. A strategy that has definitely proved itself, her principles of “Educate, Entertain and Inspire” taking her followers from 7000 in January to just over 1 million in the space of 5 months. Sarah says “ Fear of judgment is definitely the biggest hurdle everyone faces in putting themselves out there. I myself was in the same boat, until I started actually listening to my audience and ensuring my content was responding to their feedback. Once I got to the point where I no longer wanted my fear of a few negative voices to hold me back from speaking to the audience that really wanted to hear from me, I really started to see a difference in the impact I was making. The success and followers became a by-product of that impact, not only growing the online numbers but booking my salon out months in advance. I’ve also had mothers reach out to me about their daughters experiencing bullying in their digital space, and seeing how that can affect confidence at such a difficult and important stage of life I have tried to use my platform and my salon to help restore young women’s confidence and let them know bullying is not ok. I also like to use my platform to share knowledge with apprentices and those starting their hair journey, to ensure they feel supported in their career choice and provide them educational content to help direct them towards their passion”

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