Financial Wellness & Future-Proofing your Salon

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Financial Wellness & Future-Proofing your Salon

Monday 12 June 2023 | 1.15pm – 2.15pm
Upper Elston
Session Details

A panel discussion on all things finance, payments, and future-proofing your salon.

There’s no time like the present to start addressing your salon’s finances and set yourself up for a successful year. Whether your profits took a turn over the pandemic, you’re still playing catch up from Christmas, or you just need a little extra financial security. Join Timely as they present a panel discussion on all things finance, payments, and future-proofing your salon with educators Nathan Yip, Sheridan West, Tamara Reid, and Kobi Bokshish.

Your Educators

Nathan Yip 

Hi, I’m Nathan Yip father of three young kids and owner of Pretty Vacant salon suite and customised education business.

There are two things in life that I love the most and am really good at, that is being a dad and being a hairdresser.

I joined the industry late after experimenting in many different industries finally “falling” into hairdressing, where I found a place where I belonged and felt accepted but also allowed for all my skills and natural abilities to culminate into one use.

Since joining the industry over a decade ago I have had some incredible professional highlights and some life long memories!

I have worked for and alongside some of Australia’s and the worlds best artists in salon, on stage teaching and presenting and backstage on fashion shows and photoshoots. My purpose and passion now lies in education, helping uplift and up-skill hairdressers to feel more validated and valued in themselves and in their work. 

I specialise in customised in salon education, where salons hire me to come and work with their team and I deliver a truly tailored class for the salon but for each individual depending on their learning and communication styles.

I am 100% committed to raising the profile of hairdressing and believe this will come through the power of community. This is why I have co-founded a series of events under the brand “The Bootleg Project” which is a community focused education evening/house party designed to create a safe and comfortable space for hairdressers to gather, talk and learn, at the same time offering an opportunity for up and coming artists to present their work. My approach to hair is, first of all make it suitable and customised to the person in front of me, but my aim when cutting hair is to offer the highest amount of versatility and ease. Just simple low maintenance beautiful hair.

Sheridan West 

AHIA Newcomer Salon of The Year Award, Most Innovative Business of The Year Award, Contribution to Business Award, Current Australian FAME TEAM member, AHIA New creative talent & Hot SHOTS finalist – Sheridan Rose Shaw – Creative director of MAMAWEST – Where life’s too damn short for sh!t hair! Sheridan has 17 years within the industry and has made quite the organic mark. She is incredibly passionate about changing the landscape of hairdressing and small business & training the next generation of hairdressers!

Tamara Reid

Voted the Emerging Leader by Telstra Business Womens Awards, community and leadership expert Tamara Reid is the 2 x startup Founder of Beaute Industrie and the Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council, keynote speaker and brand manager.

With a background in education and business development, her career expands over several segments of the professional beauty industry including salon, clinic, aesthetic and spa.

Tamara worked her way up from therapist to earn her seat at the senior leadership table where she now holds a global position as Head of Strategic Partnerships for Timely Business Management Software & Salon Biz.

Kobi Bokshish

Kobi is a master hairstylist, a platform artist and a co founder of Ecoheads . Originally hailing from Israel, Kobi first started cutting hair while serving in the air force at the age of 19. What began as a necessary task rapidly became a creative obsession and Kobi began training in upmarket salons soon after fulfilling his military service. He was also introduced to the world of fashion styling and platform work, giving him the inspiration and confidence to create edgy, unique, high fashion looks and to embrace innovative styling techniques. A true artist with an impeccable eye for detail,

over the years kobi took place as a creative director for some of the industry top brands, and has won numerous state, national and global awards since opening Intershape over a decade ago. For more information, check out


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